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Stay tuned for our 2022 event schedule. Thank you for your patience!

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If you would like to learn more about events supporting the Huntington Society of Canada, see more here, or start your own event here.

Your impact is local and national, lifting 50,000 Canadians touched by HD and ensuring crucially-needed support services remain available to local families and individuals who may be alone or socially isolated.  Your support also helps to ensure that counselling and support groups continue to be delivered by  amazing, dedicated social workers.

Run for HD event testimonial:

What an amazing experience it was. You had come into the Running Room in Vaughan to talk about the Run for Huntington Disease and I was SO inspired.  I’ve never felt such a sense of community the way I did at the race… a moment that truly changed my life and my outlook on HD. Thanks for coming to Running Room that night and for all your efforts bringing so many people together.